Take down Discriminating Pictures towards Islam

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This is important to me as being a muslim good or bad i do not know only Allah knows i will not stand by and watch someone put up pictures which spread hate and violonce towards Islam and Quran. I ask the admin of this page and Facebook to stop letting people discriminate or put up pictures that spread hate and violence not only to my religion but any religion as not all of us muslims or any other religion person is wrong or bad. Yes i agree alot of people do things under the name of Islam which is wrong but that does not mean that you make a page and put up violent pictures and have minium knowledge of what is real and facts and when i am trying to argue with you and explain to you the truth you do not want to listen and are giving me knowledge that is baseless and stupid. Also i do not mean to offend anyone but there is a limit and a line is meant to be drawn on such things. Also i tryed contacting the admin of this page and reason with him but i guess ignorance was the biggest problem with the admin. And also i am not starting a fight or anything but quite decently reacting, because i know there are many people out there that if they see this page will react in a very stupid manner that would drop them to these ignorant peoples level. so i sk everyone reading this to sign this petiton regardless of your race and religion nobody is allowed to discriminate and put up pictures of any religion let alone Islam which will ignite feuds and violence towards anyones belief as before any religion anything we ARE HUMANS.

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