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Demand Mark Zuckerbergs Facebook Honor the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution

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I have been on facebook for almost a decade, with no problems. So far this year, I’m on my third ban. Twice they got me for speaking about the countries with Sharia Laws (hate speech) and once for an inappropriate picture. The thing is, facebook isn’t monitoring our every word and picture. They are counting on our friends to turn us in. I joined a British Politics group on facebook and I didn’t make it two weeks, without serving a 48 hour ban, for saying something that someone didn’t like. That was when I discovered facebooks headquarters are based in the UK and they have no free speech protection there. 

It began with their social experiments on us. Remember when marriage equality was enacted in every state and you could make your profile picture have a rainbow over it? They were studying us, to see who would change their picture and then how many of their friends followed suit. Then came the emotion experiment, where they tried to see if they could make certain people depressed. They stopped showing their friends post to them in their newsfeed and only showed them tragic news articles. Then they monitored the person, to see if they began to share depressing things. They follow us around the internet like a creepy stalker and then show us ads, to anything we have googled or posted about. Most recently, facebook admitted that its left leaning moderators had probably been censoring things against their beliefs.

We must stand by our  right to free speech, at all cost. We must lead the way, out of the centuries of indoctrination and conditioning other countries have endured. The United States of America has been a beacon for freedom, for all those around the world escaping dictatorship and persecution. We can not let that fall on our watch, simply because someone got their feeling hurt. Don't let Mark stomp on our rights. Help me demand that if Mr. Zuckerberg wants our business, he must recognize the rights of American citizens, under our Constitution. most importantly our First Amendment.

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Evelyn Beatrice Hall

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