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Mark Zuckerberg: Close Facebook pages that show graphic/violent images of animals being hunted/tortured.


Its important because Facebook should not promote animal abuse of any kind and allowing these pages to be on Facebook gives the message that animal abuse is okay and accepted. I have seen Facebook pages for dog fighting. There are Facebook pages dedicated to hunting and animal trapping. I know that sadly hunting and animal trapping isnt illegal, but the photos these pages show are horrible; kids posing wih guns/dead animals, animals torn open with people posing and laughing. The comments on these pages are also horrible, I have seen comments like "hope that wolf suffered," and "I made sure it died a slow death." These pages show very graphic, violent images.Facebook needs to close these pages


Once I get enough likes I will print off the signatures and send them to 

Mark Zuckerberg

1456 Egewood Dr

Palo Alto, CA 94303



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