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Petitioning Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg: Close Facebook pages that show graphic/violent images of animals being hunted/tortured.


Its important because Facebook should not promote animal abuse of any kind and allowing these pages to be on Facebook gives the message that animal abuse is okay and accepted. I have seen Facebook pages for dog fighting. There are Facebook pages dedicated to hunting and animal trapping. I know that sadly hunting and animal trapping isnt illegal, but the photos these pages show are horrible; kids posing wih guns/dead animals, animals torn open with people posing and laughing. The comments on these pages are also horrible, I have seen comments like "hope that wolf suffered," and "I made sure it died a slow death." These pages show very graphic, violent images.Facebook needs to close these pages


Once I get enough likes I will print off the signatures and send them to 

Mark Zuckerberg

1456 Egewood Dr

Palo Alto, CA 94303



Letter to Mark Zuckerberg
Close these pages, do not allow people to create Facebook pages that show graphic/violent images!