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Change Facebook automatic refresh function Please Please Please

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There are millions of us, Facebook users, who dislike Facebook's automatic refresh function. There have been thousands times I was trying to read an article, watch a video, or basically doing anything on Facebook, but it just could not happen, due to a lack of usability.

My very last experience around it was that someone in a group was looking for a good cake maker in my area. By the time I found the person in Messenger (knowing that I last talked to her on the 1st of March this year, so it took around 20 seconds), the post disappeared and could not find it again. Since it was right on my timeline, I do not remember which group it was, do not know the lady's name either.

This is just one of those frustrating moments of our - Facebook user's - lives, that makes me add this petition and asking for signatures, to possibly have an effect.

We can all refresh the page for ourselves, so this function is just way more of a hassle than any good.

We all do understand that the ads are there with a reason and possibly that is why the refreshing is happening, however there must be a good solution for that which will not cause incidents like my case above.

I would try for example to only reload the ads instead of the whole page.

The current version is just not good.

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