Remove James Aspey from Instagram and Facebook

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Over the past several weeks, vegan influencer James Aspey has intensified his rhetoric to include antisemitic and racist comparisons describing animal exploitation. In the most recent incident, James went on singer-songwriter Kelis' instragram page and called her a "slave-owner" for killing two chickens. James' followers then continued to harass Kelis by telling her to "go back to the jungle". Prior to this incident, James has been stirring up controversy by referring to animal exploitation as the "Animal Holocaust" as well as "Animal Slavery". This language co-opts and erases the struggle of marginalized individuals who were victims of the most terrible events of human exploitation and genocide in history. At the same time, this controversial language drives people away from the cause of ending animal exploitation. Underneath this campaign of controversial language is James pushing the promotion of a crypto currency pump and dump for the "Energy Web Token". Clearly, this scam must be put to a stop and bigoted people like James Aspey should not have a platform on social media to stir hateful controversies to fund his lavish lifestyle. Please sign and share the petition so we can put and end to this scammer's hate speech.