Ban Britain First from Facebook

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Just two days after 50 innocent souls were massacred by a far-right extremist, Facebook has allowed far-right group Britain First to set up new pages and pay for adverts, despite vowing to crack down on extremists.

Days after the social media giant was used to livestream the New Zealand terror attack, anti-Muslim leader Paul Golding set up two new pages - one was functioning as Britain First’s official page and had more than 7,300 followers, with Golding posting pictures from a “Britain First defenders” training day and telling people to “pray for churches” in response to the Christchurch mosque shooting.

He shared a link to a conspiracy theory claiming the alleged culprit Brenton Tarrant, a white supremacist who deliberately targeted Muslims, was “linked to left-wing groups”.

The second page, called "authentic Paul Golding", was a personal profile but also named him as the leader of Britain First and linked users to the group's website.

This disgusting organisation should be removed immediately from the social media platform and not allowed to spread its hate again.