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Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, owner of Instagram, WhatsApp and 69 other companies. Mr. Zuckerberg is  worth $ 69.8 Billion. Mr. Zuckerberg  is a hunter, and a butcher. In 2011 he  revealed his  "personal challenge," that he would only eat the meat that he killed, claiming  that the meat tastes better if you  killed the animal yourself.  Mark's challenge ended a year later, but Zuckerberg is still a carnivore.  In 2017 the Facebook's executive team presented Mark with a birthday  cake in the shape of ribs, a turkey leg, a sausage and a steak. Mr. Zuckerberg, you could lead the way demonstrating that veganism is effortless.
You would be helping Earth, all the animals, your own health and you would create a more eco-friendly planet for your children. Please sign to ask mark Zuckerberg to embrace veganism.