Ask Mark Zuckerberg to automatically add name/surname/title in medical facebook groups.

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During coronavirus pandemic we decided to open many Facebook Groups for doctors only. We have special rules:

Doctors have to introduce themselves (a signature) at every post and comment. The reason is that we are inside an interdisciplinary group and it's mandatory:

  1. to be a doctor
  2. to know the specialization of every physician (virologist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, and so on).

It's hard to respect this rules so we are asking to Mark Zuckerberg to create an app inside the medical and COVID groups where doctors can write their name/surname/title once and this signature will be reported at the end of every post or comment.

For example: 

Camillo Il Grande MD, Digestive surgeon, Italy


Groups that are supporting this cause are:


  1. Coronavirus, Sars-CoV-2 e COVID-19 gruppo per soli medici (Italy) 
  2. Novel Coronavirus and Coronavirus Disease COVID-19; for physicians only (international) 
  3. Coronavirus Covid19 pour les médecins (France/Belgium/Switzerland) 
  4. Coronavirus medical group Greece (Greece)