Appeal to Facebook to review their policy of disabling accounts without evidence.

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I have been on Facebook now for nearly 12 years. Over that time, I have shared family photos, met new friends and built up a following of over 40,000 people.


Many of these people feel they have a connection to me and enjoy interacting. I am also a blogger and have written several open letters defending Filipinos and indeed the Philippines. I also support the President Duterte through social media as I truly believe he is helping the poor, improving the Philippines and helping stamp out corruption. Surely I am entitled to freedom of speech and I don’t believe Facebook can just be allowed to block my platform to speak out in defence of the President and Philippine people without just cause.

Before disabling an account, facebook should attempt to email the concerned parties. 

Without any notice at all or reference, Facebook disabled my account. I have no access to important messages, photos and contacts. All of that as I was accused of impersonating myself. The thing is, Facebook has acted as judge and jury. They have found me guilty of an offence under their terms without even gaining evidence or even bothering to ask for my side of the story. Yes I was asked to confirm my identity. However all my messages were ignored. I have no clue how long the process will take. In the meantime, I am actually supporting a Filipino who was the subject of domestic violence through making certain appeals on her behalf. She has no other way of contacting me other than through my messenger which is also blocked.

I can’t message her and she has no clue about her next move. So this disabling of my account could also affect others too. 

 Facebook shouldn’t be able to just switch off a part of people’s lives like this, based on malicious reports. I hope you can join me in signing. Thanks 

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