Allow posts for Facebook support pages to be seen without paying advertising fees

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In 2010, I started a page, Team Oakley to document my sons journey with his life threatening illness, Prune Belly Syndrome.

It gained support fairly fast as many wanted to keep up with his story as he has a courageous smile and has inspired many people.

This page made it easy to keep many people informed of updates regarding his treatment and care rather than having to take the time out our busy schedule and text, call and/or email multiple people.  It became my ‘base station’ for updates to everyone.

However, Facebook has now limited our posting abilities unless we choose to pay for a boost or an advertisement.

With this being a support page, I feel that people who have already liked Oakley’s page and whom are following his page, should have the ability to see all posts without the need for me to pay to do so.

Families of sick children are already facing deep financial issues due to the care of their children.

We are not a business who is trying to profit and in turn, should not have to pay for our story to reach those who care to follow it.

Please sign this petition to help families of sick and/or special needs children get the message across to Facebook that our posts should be seen by those who choose to see it without paying for advertising or boosting, which can run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.