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Ask Facebook to Add Warnings to Fake News

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People being well-informed is vital to a robust and enduring democracy. With the rise of social media competing with well-researched journalistic publications, we have to consider how best to keep journalism free and ethical.

Facebook, as a media company, bears responsibility to its users to present a way to properly evaluate the information they are being presented with. While we should not censor things people want to post or write, we should work to provide warnings, similar to how Facebook now treats violent or graphic content, to give readers better tools to evaluate journalistic publications from click bait, spam, hate sites, and even people that don't know what The Onion Is.

This is not a partisan issue. There are fake news on both sides pushing us farther away from being able to trust the information we're presented with. Let's ask Facebook to add warnings to sites flagged as fake or satire. 

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