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Add the option to report animal abuse on facebook

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The reason I have started this petition is because I have seen previous petitions in the past, they have not been able to get enough signatures, they have been completely ignored and sick people are still allowed to get away with sharing the abuse of animals without any consequences.

The animal abuse videos and pictures that are going viral on Facebook are sickening and there for anyone to view including young teenager's. The videos show dog's being skinned alive, beaten by their owners, suffering in pain as they enter their final stages of life after being mistreated, boiling hot water being poured over cats, cats being kicked into the air, rats being drowned in boiling hot water and being skinned alive. The list goes on.

With these videos being free for anyone to watch, people to share and when you try and repeatedly report, your inquest is ignored. What impression does this give off to young vulnerable eyes? 

This is not OK. I want to change the way we see the internet for our future generations as I want it to be a safe place without having to worry about what traumatizing video they might see today. But I need your help!

Please facebook, add the option to report animal abuse on pictures and videos so they can be taken down. At the moment, facebook are instantly rejecting any reports of abuse without any consequences. Let's change this together!


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