A Petition to Change Facebook's Political Algorithm and Protect American Politics

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This year, all high school students across our nation will have their futures decided by the 2018 Midterms. Even though we don’t get the chance to vote ourselves, policies and legislation that will dictate the course of our lives will be decided by the people our parents and friends and neighbors put in office.

It's really important to note that at least 51% of liberals and 36% of conservatives use Facebook on a daily basis, not to mention the millions of other nonpartisan users that are open to the influence of the type of news that appears in their feed.

 Exposed by the Wall Street Journal in 2016, Facebook used a selective algorithm that fed already liberal voters exclusively liberal information and conservative voters only conservative news. Even worse, Facebook decides based on what kind of information you search and like whether you should be categorized as moderate, liberal, or conservative, and based on that categorization, determines what kinds of information you should be exposed to. That means that Facebook is only serving to perpetuate political polarization within the United States, which ultimately influences our election process. 

Thus, Facebook only serves to reinforce views that voters already hold without allowing them to see what's actually trending or pertinent in the news, which undermines the purpose of media in the first place.

Facebook continuously modifies their algorithms, but wouldn't the integrity of the news be restored if it stopped fiddling with our news feed altogether?