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A day without facebook

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It seems as of late that FB has become a biased and totalitarian regime. The FB team picks and chooses what they deem appropriate and what they don't. The acts of violence, bigotry and videoed deaths they seem to linger on deleting until it is reported, but all the white supremacy stuff seems to go unnoticed. They would quickly take down a joke of a chicken being fingered than a white man with a confederate flag shirt on beating up a black man while calling him a nigger... or black girls fighting a white girland she losing...hypocrisy! They would ban a profile from someone's request before even investigating if its it's true or not.... is this not a FREE country?  Do our liberating rights stop within FB? How much power does Mark really HAVE? We the people have made Facebook what it is known as today...we have a voice and we need to make that voice heard so that Zuckerberg and his team can remain humble and appreciative and find other means that are fair and just in dealing with issues that may arise. You can't say having a profile pic with a gun is bad then remove pic, but then keep up a video of someone committing suicide or getting shot...are you serious? This is not Kiddieland...we are adults that talk about adult situations and actions! This neo Nazi attitude with what this FB back office finds offensive and doesn't seems to be a biased stance and it's unfair! Its so much more i wanna say, but i digress. So I ask everyone to pass this along and declare Oct 1 a day without the Book!

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