Reduce Noise Level coming from Piller's Factory Located Wismer Street, Waterloo

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The residents surrounding Piller’s Factory Waterloo, ON have raised serious concern of the noise level which impact quality of life in the neighbourhood.

The noise level affects many residents who don't enjoy having their windows open as it feels like a constant noise level similar to an HWY or train.

We have spoken to Mark Whaley who is a Councillor for the Ward at the City of Waterloo and he has agreed to speak with Piller’s and see what options are available to reduce the impact of the noise.  This may include a wall to create a buffer and redirect the noise or limit the hours of the day where industrial noise can be created.   However, before this anything can be done, we need to show our support and comments in the form of a petition.   Please sign this petition to request Piller’s to reduce the noise level coming from their Factory.

There is a natural marsh/parkland buffer behind Piller’s and unfortunately that does not reduce the noise level.  The parkland is protected and is home to a dozen deer, wild turkeys and other wildlife.   In addition, a children's playground has also been built beside Piller’s.  It would be wonderful to have a peaceful and quiet park without the constant factory noise in the playground for the children.

We thank Piller’s for their time and assistance, and we want to thank Mark Whaley for all his hard work on this issue. We understand Piller’s have been located in this area for many years.  However, the city has surrounded this factory and we are all close neighbours.  We love this city and want the best quality of life for our neighbours and families. 

Please sign the petition below with your name, address, and how the noise level affects to you: