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Petitioning Senator Mark Warner

Support reasonable and responsible gun legislation

Death by gun is a public health issue in our nation. Our laws are lax. Enough is enough. It is time to stand up to the gun lobby and pass responsible legislation.

Letter to
Senator Mark Warner
As Virginians who actively supported your election to the United States Senate, and as citizens who watched the Virginia Tech, Aurora and Sandy Hook massacres with an increasing sense of horror, we would find it inconceivable that you might fail to co-sponsor and lend your full support to legislation banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines and requiring universal background checks and waiting periods for those purchasing guns at gun shows as well as in stores and on the Internet.

Please let us know where you stand on each of these proposals. We view them as a matter of life and death for children and adults now and in the future. Their adoption is among our highest priorities.

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