Diversify the Wayne Public School Curriculum with More Black History Lessons

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In reviewing the curriculum for students in Grades K-8 I read each one searching for any units discussing Black history and the real involvement in the development of our nation that was spearheaded by the Black community. I was disheartened to only discover one unit in nine years of education within Wayne's curriculums that discussed Black history and civil rights (Unit 7 in Grade 7). Allotting four weeks out of 470 is a blatant symbol of the importance this education system places on Black history. 

The education of students in the Wayne district on Black history should not have to fall on the shoulders of outside resources. I should not have learned more about Black history from one week on Instagram than I did in 6 years attending Wayne Public schools. The truth of the matter is that our school board has failed many people. Prejudices and racial beliefs are learned young when children are impressionable and indirectly saying that the Black community is worth 4 weeks out of 470 (0.85% if you were wondering) of our time, resources and educators is establishing what they perceive their worth to be. I am not surprised at this lack of diversity though in looking at the staff in place. For the curriculum to be controlled by two white women, under the ruling of a white male superintendent does not allow much room for outside opinions. While their email to the parents in the school district was well-intended, it falls short on the change that really needs to happen.

I'm calling for an immediate re-evaluation of the current curriculum and an intended increase to at least 10% of the content in the social studies lessons be about Black history and Black leaders. It is the least this district can do.