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Mark Terrell, CEO: Stop the legacy of child abuse at Lifeline's boarding schools


We are a group of alumni who have learned of continuing child abuse at our former boarding school and are determined to put an end to it.

We range in age from our teens to our 50s, live in different areas of the country, belong to disparate social-economic classes, and have never met in person, yet we share a common goal: to prevent more children from suffering the brutalities we experienced as adolescents.

Many of us are middle-aged now, with children of our own, and we consider it our duty to speak out on behalf of the students attending Caribbean Mountain Academy.

For four decades, this school has relied on its remote location in the Dominican Republic to hurt kids with impunity. We were stunned to recently learn that in the 1970s, several newspapers published exposes on child abuse at the school, resulting in investigations by authorities in Illinois and Michigan, as well as Congressional hearings.

But none of those actions closed down the school. It merely changed its name, several times, to disassociate itself from the bad press, and kept recruiting students.

The well-being of these children -- some as young as 12 years old -- is now in our hands. Please join us in asking the CEO of the school, Mark Terrell, to stop the legacy of abuse at Caribbean Mountain Academy.


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"Youth facility in Marion under fire for its tactics," By Teresa Auch, The Chronicle-Tribune October 22, 2006.

"Time spent at youth camp left lasting scars for some," by Keith Royson, Muncie Star PressNovember 12, 2006

Children's Nightmare? Government Spending Millions to Keep Troubled Juveniles in Deplorable Conditions, Witness Says. Evening Independent, January 24, 1979


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