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To ensure the safety and respect of the Oval Office.

Letter to
MARK SULLIVAN, Director, United States Secret Service
In the wake of the Presidential Debate held on October 16, 2012 there was an interview conducted with Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Mitt Romney Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party. In this interview Tagg Romney was recorded stating that he had an urge to get out of his seat and strike President Obama with physical force, assault the President, in response to the discussions President Obama engaged in during the debate with Mitt Romney.

Many are in agreement that Tagg Romney’s comments regarding what he would like to do to the President of the United States should be taken seriously, and be considered an indication of his capabilities should he be in close contact with the President in similar circumstances again. We also agree that his comments could be considered counselling of others to commit the same type of physical assault on the President, and showed a clear lack of respect, and disregard for the life and personal well being of President Obama.

We believe Tagg Romney is a threat to the personal security, health and well being of President Obama, and his wife the First Lady Michelle Obama.

For these reasons, we are asking that Tagg Romney be denied access/entry to the next scheduled Presidential Debate being held at Lynn University, in Boca Raton Florida, on October 22, 2012 in the interest of national security and preservation of the life of the President of the United States.

We the people declare that a much higher standard for the treatment and security of our 44th President is required, and non-negotiable. We ask that all those entrusted and commissioned to protect and serve President Obama in his capacity as the leader of our Nation, honor our request to restrict/deny/prevent persons of violent and criminal intention close access to the President.
We ask that Tagg Romney be restricted from admission/attendance to the Florida Presidential Debate.

We ask this of the following officials:
Mark Sullivan,
Director of United States Secret Service

Michael D. McCurry,
Co-Chair of the Commission On Presidential Debates

J. Glanzer
Public Relations, Lynn University, Florida

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