VIAEM/NCC have to Investigate and Fix Flooding Issues In Bestwood Village Moor Road

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Moor Road that runs through Bestwood Village in Nottinghamshire is the only Road that services the Village. One way from Hucknall, Linby and Papplewick and also used by various other areas including but not limited to Calverton, Newstead, and Bulwell.

This end of the road our community is having issues with flooding which has meant this vital route has been shut on various occasions in the last months. The village and residents have followed all usual protocol to get this issue addressed, but to date no reasonable response has been made by Nottingham County Council and the Private business  VIA East Midlands (VIAEM) overseen by the same Council.

As a community we have exhausted all routes to fix this simple issue which covers the following separate problems, Highways Drains and Gullies are blocked, Ditches have not been maintained and cant cope with the capacity of surface water when it rains. Due to these issues not being addressed the road is now in a bad state of repair.

Not only is the issue of road closures and annoyance for all of the surrounding areas its also a problem for Ambulances getting through to these areas mentioned. Moor Road junctions with Hucknall road, which also leads to City Hospital and the Queens Medical Centre through the Nottingham Ring Road. As a community who rarely sees a police car only when they have to shut our road, we feel that there should be a keen want on the part of the council to relax this weight and waste of time and resources on the Police service and also the fire service which have also been called out on various occasions to shut the road or pump the road.

The community would like to urge Katherine Lilian Cutts MBE as the leader of County Council to make sure someone with relevant experience sorts this urgent public safety issue out.

The community have made you fully aware of the situation and have highlighted the inadequate responses of your colleagues and VIAEM.

We trust you will promptly work to a resolution as we are sure you can understand the severity of this situation and also the potential risk to human life.

All we require is a proper measured response from VIAEM and The County Council with your acknowledgement of the dangerous issue we now have with this road and to also acknowledge the severity of this situation.  

We want to know the immediate plan and plan for the future and what you will do to properly manage this situation in our Parish and surrounding Parishes.

Thank you All