NSW Attorney General - Release Deborah Robinson from Custody

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Deborah Robinson was jailed on 20 June 2019 for failure to appear, and failure to report to police. However, she had done both.

This is making it hard for her to appear anywhere now, to defend vexatious charges bought against her by NSW Police, in an attempt to cover up a real crime committed against Deborah Robinson.

Mrs Robinson, who as a school teacher, made a mandatory report to DOC’s about a sexually abusive drug dealing parent.

The state of NSW appears determined to punish her for making that report.

We cannot disclose any of the details of those matters, so as not to affect the hearings, or be in breach of legislation preventing these events from being aired in public.

Mrs Robinson, has suffered seizures for all of her life. Since being jailed she has been experiencing those on a regular basis. She was hospitalized at the outset of her incarceration, and now has been rushed to hospital again today from the detention centre.

She has been put into a medically induced coma.

We the People demand that Mrs Deborah Irene Robinson be released from jail, as soon as that can be arranged.

If the state wishes to continue this witch hunt against this woman through the court system, then allow her to rest up at home and recover physically and mentally first.

Please arrange for an ankle bracelet and home detention for Mrs Robinson, if not her immediate release from the custody arrangements imposed on her by the Parramatta District Court and enforced by NSW Police.