Investigate the Jailing of An Innocent Person by Magistrates Murray and Cromptom, Albury

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Update 14 March 2018.

Instead of jailing me last year, Magistrate Cromptom fined me $4,000 plus costs, for a charge that could not legally heard in any court in Australia, due to the police evidence having been fabricated.

The court convicted me of four more false charges in my absence in February 2018 despite myself having advised them that I could not attend, due to circumstances created by Albury Police. I have not been sentenced for those charges yet, but as soon as police can find me and haul me into the court room, I will be.

In the meantime, they still had one more charge up their sleeve, and have bought a new one against me.

I have been advised today that if I do not appear in court on 27 March 2018, warrants will be issued for my arrest, to force me to appear. I will then be jailed without being given any chance to defend the charges, in biased proceedings at the same court house which is not only seeking to protect themselves, but their own corrupt staff for all that has occurred.

I really need some signatures now to stop this from occurring. Thanks for your support.

Original petition details below:

I am to be sentenced to jail by a corrupt NSW Magistrate seeking to protect his colleagues at the Albury Local Court, being Magistrate Anthony Murray and court mediator Gwen Bradley, of the CJC, from proven allegations of misconduct. 

Bradley illegally represented two false ADVO applications made against myself, by my family who were seeking to stop me from making a police complaint about my eldest bother in relation to repeated attempts of sexual assault. Bradley was not allowed to involve herself in their matters, due to the long standing friendship between herself and the complainants, and a financial interest pertaining to her own daughter. 

When I was able to disprove both of those ADVO applications, and prove that the applicants were lying and seeking to cover up those instances of sexual assault and other illegal conduct on their part, the court mediator Mrs Bradley made a false allegation to the Magistrate outside of any hearing, and had me convicted of a breach of one of the unproven ADVO applications, which then triggered the awarding of both applications. This was also to punish me for making a fool of herself and her friends, at the Albury court house, and for lodging valid complaints about her involvement in these matters and arrests. 

The deliberate perversion of the course of justice she created, is clearly shown in the court's own transcripts. But all authorities continue to choose to ignore that fact. 

When I appealed the conviction, the court mediator had police bring another false charge against me, to affect the outcome of that hearing. The police had to frame me for the first allegation of breach, and the charge should never have been heard in a court of law, due to the illegal actions of the arresting officer, Constable Rowan Weekley, Albury police. The same can be said for the second arrest, and all that followed. 

The police continued to bring these false charges of breach against me to teach me not to try to defend myself in their court house, and to stop lodging complaints about themselves, the Magistrate and Mrs Bradley. 

Magistrate Murray, convicted myself of the first false allegations of breach, and awarded the ADVO's which had been disproven by evidence, in an act of sheer misconduct and which is recorded in the transcripts. He continued to act deceptively during all proceedings and outright illegally at times, especially when he committed perjury when trying to dismiss an application for a change of venue. 

Magistrate Cromptom played a part in all of the perversions of the course of justice, by simply allowing them to continue whenever he was assigned a hearing of any of these matters. It was always clear that he had been instructed not to interfere with, nor overturn, any of Murray's special project. Now he seeks to protect himself, because he eventually had to willingly and knowingly join in on the illegal acts being committed towards myself by staff at the Albury court house, as they sought to convict myself, to exonerate themselves. 

I have kept a blog on the internet about all of these events. The blog was not in breach of any ADVO orders, because it did not identify the parties involved. However, it did identify all of the NSW police officers who acted illegally to bring these charges against me, and the court employees who conspired with the court the complainants and tampered with evidence. They want the blog removed from the internet, to cover up their crimes. 

The Magistrates changed their efforts from trying to fine me, to trying to jail me, early 2017 to achieve that. So desperate they have become now, that they are now openly defying all legal processes in the court room and its office, and Cromptom himself has now committing acts of perjury to cover up for his own misconduct. 

They have denied my common law rights to fair and impartial dealings from the outset, which then becomes a violation of my constitutional rights. I have provided documents to the Federal Court, and the High Court, demonstrating that, and showing there is no chance of any fair dealings to occur at that venue, and has not since the outset. Yet no one will force them to grant me a change to a more honest setting, to deal with this issues according to the law. 

Albury local court has defied my human rights, by these oppressive and menacing string of mentions, and court appearances, with very few convictions ever being handed down, because I appeared at all times to defend myself, and always with evidence to disprove all allegations being made against me. They have deliberately tried to wear me down emotionally and physically, while being aware that I am on a disability pension for degenerative disc disease, slipped discs, arthritis and RSI.

All pathways to higher courts are deliberately being blocked. I can do nothing more now, than wait from them to come and take me to the prison cell they have booked for me.

I have done all I can legally to end all of this. I have written letters and complaints to all agencies concerned, and been scoffed at and mocked for my efforts. I now refuse to appear in the court at all. They are planning to use this refusal to take me into custody, to ensure that I appear, so that they can impose a jail sentence on me. 

I have only appeared in that court this year to pursue my applications for a change in venue, and to defend the allegation of breach which the court used to award the ADVO's in the first place. While I have done that, the court has bought new false charges against me, openly colluding with the complainants to do so, and openly ignoring all of the evidence they know I am in possession of which again disprove those new applications for extensions of their ADVO's. They have granted those, and continue to summon me to the court house so they can serve those orders on me, and start bringing charges against me, claiming that I breach them when I make posts on the internet proving that I am innocent of those same allegations. 

The Magistrates want the new ADVO's in place to prevent me from blogging about these matters, and to protect themselves, by silencing me in all manners.

Part of my story is recorded at the blog linked below, and all evidence of my innocence and their guilt is on display.

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