Investigate Corruption at the Albury Court House

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I am unable to delete this petition. Due to new whistle blower laws giving police and politicians free mandates to assault and jail people exposing corruption in public, I am forced to delete the text that was originally contained in this document, or risk further harassment by NSW police and NSW Justice itself.

While I did manage to avoid being sentenced to jail to cover up for the Magistrate who deliberately perverted the course of justice against me, by way of having to flee the state of NSW and go into hiding, I was convicted of all false allegations, false charges and false evidence in my absence.

The Registrar deliberately posted the resulting penalty notices to an address the court was aware I had vacated several months earlier, and then listed them all as outstanding with Revenue NSW, even one which was not actually overdue.

Revenue NSW is demanding full payment of all fines, while refusing to provide a copy of the notices, which would provide me with the information needed to appeal those. The Albury Local Court is also refusing to reissue the documents for that same reason.

Revenue NSW is now going to use those to strip me of all of my possessions to punish me even further.

I am no longer willing to appeal any of the convictions handed down against me, while being denied the chance to defend any of those in court, let alone in a fair and unbiased court.

The Registrar threatened at the outset of the false allegations made against me, that if I tried to defend them she would ensure that criminal charges were bought against me, for which I would be convicted and fined and billed for the court costs. That is exactly what happened, each appeal resulted in a new false charge.

When that didn't make me back down, the assaults by police started. It is just not worth trying to achieve justice in NSW, when it is the court and police who have framed you in the first place, and they are protected from discipline by all other authorities.

In fact, it turned out that the Registrar of the court house issued a fraudulent invoice towards the end of 2017, billing me for $4,164 for a fine that should have been $400 plus $164 in costs. She will never be charged by police for fraud and her own criminal actions, and instead I will be forced to pay the bill.

All supported and endorsed by Mark Speakmann, who's own staff member set all of this in motion to protect her own daughter's rental income, and the Parliament of NSW.

On the other hand, it seems that Magistrate Murray was forced to resign, due to continued misconduct towards the public, and abuse of his 'power'. One less corrupt Maggot on the bench of NSW court houses.

Recently, Mark Speakmann had to introduce legislation forcing Magistrate Michael Cromptom not to protect pedophiles from their victims by issuing orders protecting the offender's identity. I believe Cromptom is still working in NSW courts, to the detriment of justice itself, and have to wonder how many innocent people he will end up sending to jail, before he is also removed from the bench.