Keep the Ospreys alive

Keep the Ospreys alive

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The situation that is currently happening to the region's is an absolute disgrace.

The idea of a North Wales region has been mooted for a long time but I don't think taken seriously by anyone , as North Wales is not exactly known for being a hot bed of support (even though the union are trying their best to garner and force support in the area with U 20s matches and RGC) and there is not exactly a track record of players coming from the area either.

The fact the Ospreys are potentially being on the chopping block is even more laughable - Wales most successful team, with a conveyor belt of talent being produced for the Welsh team, along with a 30-40 mile stretch of a rugby hotbed being lost , just to create a fanciable notion up north is beyond crazy.

The WRU are never going to get rid of the capital region, no matter how they are performing or have been historically performing.

The Scarlets are currently the best performing region and are up there with the ospreys in terms of success and producing players.

Then we come to the Dragons who only in recent times have started producing players and let's be honest apart from 2 seasons, have been absolutely dire in terms of their teams results . Now in anybodies mind, if a team was to go, it would be the Dragons simply because they have brought nothing to the table apart from infighting and apathy towards the region since it's introduction - but this will never happen now. WHY I hear you cry?

Because they are part owned by the WRU and that means they are in it for the long haul.

This leaves the Ospreys the most vulnerable of the region's and even though performances have been on the slide for a few years and there have decline in crowds, they are still churning out international players and at least at the right end of the table when it usually comes to the crunch.

What worries me most is that a lot of people don't seem worried by it and the loss of a professional sporting team in the area. Apathy toward the Ospreys has been a while coming as they haven't made enough people care about them as a team since the start of regional rugby but they still are the best supported or second best supported region even with this lack of interest towards them.

It would be a disaster for rugby in the area, when grass roots rugby is already being talked about in such a bad light at this moment in time as well. Kids want heroes on their doorstep and players at a team they can go and easily watch and look up to. Warriors like Alun Wyn and Justin tipuric who inspires the next generation of Osprey players and supporters .

The WRU will always roll on and the Welsh team will always have a succession plan and performance pathway meaning the national team will always be competitive but we cannot afford to lose the Ospreys.

The only region who have embraced the concept ( the rest are purely super clubs and have never changed apart from name) Whatever your feeling toward them, they have been a credit to the area, a credit to rugby and a credit to the WRU ( Who are now trying to get rid of them).

Get behind them now before it is too late and show the WRU they are wrong .

Professional rugby cannot be lost from the areas between Cardiff to Llanelli. 

Bridgend, Maesteg, Neath, Swansea, Aberavon have all been historically massive areas for rugby development and rugby in general in Wales and this cannot stop.

Get behind this petition and show the WRU, they are wrong to even consider culling the Ospreys.

Get behind it, get behind the Ospreys and keep professional rugby In the area, it cannot afford to be lost.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!