Save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


Save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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James Newburrie started this petition to Mark Scott (Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Not only is Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries  one of the best shows on television, but it also shows that Australia can make world-class drama. We need to save Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries because it gives hope to the next generation of Australian creative professionals.  

The show has become a cultural touchstone and an educational experience for people my age and younger.  Miss Fisher has taught me about:

  • Period fashions;
  • Pre-suffrage women's rights; and,
  • The underlying tensions in Australian society of the time.

Some people have argued that Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries isn't attracting viewers.  This is clearly mistaken:

  • The show has attained 8/10 on IMDB (unheard of for an ABC drama);
  • The show has an dedicated following on social-media: for instance many Pinterest pages track Miss Fisher's hats (encouraging the next generation of milliners); and,
  • The show has great cross-over appeal: television critics often select the show as 'pick of the night';

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries are critical to the mission of the ABC not merely because it is only show worth watching on Friday night, but because it may be the only show on Australian television which is still 'appointment viewing'.

Mr Scott, please renew Miss Fisher for another season.

Best Regards,


James Newburrie.


This petition made change with 11,272 supporters!

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