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Mark Scott, Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Keep the ABC TV production unit in Tasmania.

The Australian people expect that the rich stories of all Australians are told by the national broadcaster.

The decision of ABC management to shut down production in Tasmania is a failure to uphold one of the basic obligations the ABC holds. We are a diverse nation, and it is fundamental to our cultural identity that the stories of our home state are told through the ABC.

ABC management's decision to remove production facilities and make up to 16 professional production staff redundant will seriously diminish the capacity of the ABC to deliver local content. The removal of OB facilities will make it difficult for touring programs to come to Tasmania and hamper the broadcast of Tasmanian events nationally.

Tasmanians deserve the opportunity to fully participate in the development of television production through our national broadcaster.

ABC management must fulfil their charter obligations and reverse this decision.

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  • Managing Director, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
    Mark Scott

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