Mark Say’s support for parole.

Mark Say’s support for parole.

August 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mark Say

DOC No.: FS3435 PAROLE No.: 851JT
Dear Office of Board Secretary:
I subscribe to this Petition in support of Mark
Say, both with respect to the expedited
reconsideration of his suitability for parole and.
thereupon, a favorable decision by this Board
granting his release.
By joining this Petition, I mutually convey my
firm belief and sentiment that Mark's candid
acceptance of responsibility, deep remorse and
profound growth and rehabilitation warrant
precipitated reconsideration; as well as my
certitude that, once released, Mark will succeed
on parole and will thrive as an upstanding
member and asset to our community.
Accordingly, I respectfully petition this Board to
afford Mark Say reconsideration for parole
following one year of its prior, December 28,
2021, decision and, upon such reconsideration, to grant him the privledge of parole.

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Signatures: 45Next Goal: 50
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