The MAA should offer an AIME III and provide an explanation.

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Dear all, 

The MAA has disappointed us. Many schools did not receive their scores and list of qualifiers until the day before AIME I. This caused much unnecessary, prolonged stress for students and also barred many students from taking the AIME I because it is simply impractical to give schools a one-day notice. Currently, there is a snow storm approaching on Wednesday, which is when many students are planning to take the AIME II. We all understand that there is a reason for having two AIMEs. If a student cannot take the AIME I, then the student takes the AIME II as a last resort. However, many students have been forced to take the AIME II this year because of the MAA's tardiness, and a large portion of these students will miss their opportunity because of the weather.

I believe that the MAA owes us a solution and an explanation. Students who are unable to take the AIME II because of the MAA's delayed action and the weather should be offered another opportunity. It is only fair for the MAA to provide an equal opportunity to all students. Otherwise, they will be favoring students from schools with more flexible schedules. Furthermore, they should remove the additional cost for the AIME II because less flexible schools (which often have less resources as well...) should not have to pay extra (or not participate) because of the MAA's negligence. Finally, I think the MAA owes us an explanation. We have all had to deal with cranky teachers, a stressful waiting period, and general frustration. By the way, the MAA still has not posted the scores on their website! If the MAA does not acknowledge that it has to be held accountable for its actions, it will fall from the good graces of mathematicians around the country and will no longer be recognized as a leading organization.

Please support me in asking the MAA for an AIME III and an explanation.


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