Voice your support for First Nations University sessional instructors!

Voice your support for First Nations University sessional instructors!

March 23, 2016
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Started by Andrew Stevens

Dear Dr. Mark S. Dockstator,

At the request of Sessional Instructors at First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv), the University of Regina Faculty Association (URFA) announced its commitment to supporting a campaign to attain workplace representation and collective bargaining rights through certification under The Saskatchewan Employment Act.

Sessional Instructors at FNUniv are the only academic employees in the university community, and the only community of university instructors in the province, without representation by a union or professional association. As a result, they are paid significantly less than Sessional Instructors at the University of Regina; they have no access to health benefits; and, they face an increasing degree of employment insecurity. Representation with URFA would allow Sessional Instructors at FNUniv to collectively determine the workplace issues important to them, and to work in concert with their employer to negotiate fair and equitable working conditions.

FNUniv's current strategic plan calls on the entire community to strengthen and solidify its leadership role as a successful and sustainable model of Indigenous higher learning. On the eve of FNUniv's 40th anniversary, collective bargaining rights would provide a mechanism to ensure that the contribution Sessional Instructors make to the success of the university is recognized. Improved working conditions for Sessional Instructors will yield benefits for the university, for the students, and for the community.

I support FNUniv Sessional Instructors in their efforts to unionize and to seek representation through URFA.

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This petition had 349 supporters

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