Autistic People Have the Right to Exist. Stop the Eugenics Fundraiser.

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On April 30th, celebrities such as Mark Rober, Adam Sandler, Jacksepticeye, Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, Rhett & Link and Chris Rock will be hosting a live stream event to raise money for NEXT For Autism, with the intention of supporting and helping the autistic community. 

Next For Autism is an organisation that is strongly aligned with Autism Speaks (a group that is set on 'ending' autism), and support eugenics, ABA (a multi-billion dollar industry built on child abuse), ‘cures for autism’, and other extremely harmful ideologies that all come down to the sole purpose of ending the existence of autistic people- the money donated towards this group and the livestream will go towards the 'treatment and cure' of autistic people (stated on NEXT For Autism's website)

Neither the organisation or the fundraiser have any involvement from the autistic community, and all involved are large-name celebrities with an influence that has the ability to create a large impact on the autism community- they have the ability to make it a positive one, instead of one that supports getting rid of us. 

Awareness and understanding towards autism is brilliant. 
Organisations that support the ending of us is not. 
Millions of dollars will be raised during this campaign- all of those involved undoubtedly assuming it's going into the right hands, so it's time to make sure it does. 

Instead of this money going to NEXT, it needs to directly impact and benefit the autistic community themselves, such as an organisation like Yellow Ladybugs, A4A and AIM.

We've been fighting for our right to exist for long enough.