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An update on Mark, NEXT For Autism and the fundraiser

A week ago, Mark Rober posted a video regarding his autistic son, and set up one of the largest online charity events we've ever seen for autism- unfortunately, as it usually goes with autism charities, the entire group was found to be one that was aligned with poor, disgusting values that will further harm autistic people- and so, I set out to create a petition and bring light and awareness to the situation at hand.

In a week, here's what's happened:


Since awareness began to spread, JackSepticEye, Colleen Ballinger (Mirandasings), Rhett and Link, and Karl Jacobs have pulled out, giving statements stating their apologies and that they would listen to autistic people from here on in. 


After the petition went viral, and many autistic people raised their voices demanding justice, NEXT For Autism released a statement on Twitter. The statement is full of gaslighting, as well as them trying to cover their tracks and 'hiding' their website statements of 'curing autism'. 

At this stage, the fundraiser is still going ahead, with more than a million dollars being put into it already. 

However, change is slowly starting to happen. Media has started picking up on autistic voices, and this petition is only a few hundred away from 25,000. Can you please help me get it past 25,000 by sharing this petition?

Change is happening, and it starts with us.

Keep being loud. 

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Chloé Hayden
2 months ago