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Stop Attacking April DeBoer's Family

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We, the signers of this petition, DEMAND that you -- Mark Regnerus -- stop attacking April DeBoer's family, and by extension, all gay people and their allies, on the basis of your religious anti-gay bigotry and your hoax "study."

You are a filthy, lying anti-gay bigot; we can promise that we will do everything in our power to stop you from any further victimizing innocent gay human beings.

Leave April DeBoer and her family alone, you lying bigot monster of no integrity!

We also DEMAND that your fellow bigots in NOM's so-called "expert witness project" -- (the thoroughly discredited Loren Marks, Douglas Allen and Joseph Price) -- also stop their outrageous, lying bigot attacks against April DeBoer and her family.

The news that Mark Regnerus intends to attack April DeBoer and her family during a gay rights trial in Michigan in February, 2014 should bring outrage to the breast of any decent human being.

April DeBoer and her wife (in all but Michigan law), Jayne Rowse, are raisingthree special needs foster children.

As their attorney’s information about the case states it:

“April and Jayne love their children as deeply as any other parent loves their kids, and want their children to have the same protections all other children have, including knowing they can never be taken from their family and each other.”

For his part, Mark Regnerus is the NOMzi shill who deliberately promulgateda hoax study on commission from the political gay-bashers of the Catholic-Church-linked Witherspoon Institute.

We already have the solid documentation proving that Regnerus participated in the rigging of the “peer review” for his so-called “study.”

And, officials at Regnerus’s UT as well as at the University of Central Florida — (where the unscrupulous editor James Wright perpetrated the hoax by publishing two Regnerus-related anti-gay hate packages in the June and November 2012 issues of Elsevier’s journal “Social Science Research”) — arebitterly fighting against release of additional documentation of the scandal, even in cases where the Texas Attorney general has told UT it must release requested documentation and a judge has told UCF that it too, must release requested documentation.

The reason UT and UCF are trying to hide the documentation from the public is that from the documentation already released it is clear that parties at both schools are guilty of severe academic misconduct.

Regnerus and his anti-LGBT co-conspirators act out of religious anti-gay bigotry. And, Regnerus is such a lying asshole, that when the New York Times tries to interview him about the intersections of his religious faith and his “scholarship” (cough, cough) he tells the New York Times that discussing that topic with them would not be “profitable.”

Yet, he accepts being interviewed by Pastor Jim Garlow who assures his audience that Regnerus’s work verifies the truth of the Bible.

The key notion from Regnerus in the Times article is that it would not be “profitable” for him to tell them about the role of his gay-bashing faith in his gay-bashing work.

Nothing so affirms to the world that Regnerus is an anti-gay hate group shill.

So why is this despicable, lying bigot of no integrity going to a Michigan court to gay-bash against the Plaintiffs in the case, April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse?

When Regnerus went to spew his bigot filth in Hawaii, besides lying about his and other NOMzi shills’ fake studies, he alleged to the Republican gay-bashers who invited him that his testimony was not about separating children from gay parents already raising them.

But what in the hell was his testimony actually about? His deeply duplicitous and disingenuous remark was a reference to the Russian anti-gay laws and proposed anti-gay laws that his hoax helped to inspire.  Has Regnerus the vile bigot ever considered that sometimes when gay-headed families are denied equality, a result can be their forced separation?

Make no mistake about it; Regnerus was in Hawaii to see gay-headed families denied equality. He did not give a damn if denying them equality led to some of those families eventually being forcibly separated.

What did April DeBoer, Jayne Rowse and their children ever do to Regnerus, that he intends to give “expert witness” testimony in an attempt to continue keeping that family living in second-class citizen status?

I repeat the question:


Regnerus’s “New Family Structures Study” at heart is nothing more than malicious anti-gay gossip, the worst part of which perhaps involves responses and “findings” related to this question from his study survey:

“Has a parent or other adult caregiver ever touched you in a sexual way, forced you to touch him or her in a sexual way, or forced you to have sexual relations?”

Notice that the way that question is phrased — “a parent or other adult caregiver” — and — “him or her” — guarantees that the response will be uninterpretable.  There is no way of knowing who allegedly abused the study respondent. The alleged abuser could as well have been a Catholic priest as anybody else.

Regnerus put such disclaimers into his published study but has not hesitated to smear all gay parents by insinuating to the public that his study showed that gay parents’ children suffer a dramatically high level of childhood sex abuse.

Regnerus and W. Bradford Wilcox — the Witherspoon Institute Program Director who eventually colluded with Regnerus on data analyses — refuse to explain how they derived their “touched” findings from the raw data.

Empirically we know that a considerable majority of pedophiles are males in heterosexual relationships and marriages. Therefore, for Regnerus to go globetrotting demonizing lesbian mothers by claiming that his study found that 23% of their children experience childhood sex abuse is utter balderdash. Regnerus does not know any better than the Man in the Moon if his study’s so-called “lesbian mothers” — as opposed to, say, the heterosexual or bi-sexual male fathers of the study’s “lesbian mothers” — ever sexually touched their children.

It’s time for people to let Regnerus know that we will not stand for any more of his bigot shit.

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