Demand Warner to Initiate Kaine Ethics Investigation

Demand Warner to Initiate Kaine Ethics Investigation

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Michael Webb
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In August 2018, Mark Warner helped to expedite a response to a FOIA Request to DoD to obtain evidence that Don Beyer and Tim Kaine conspired to offer a bribe, in the form of a lucrative federal job at DIA to a congressional candidate, a thing of value equal to a stack of one dollar bills half the size of the White House, in quid pro quo exchange for his agreement to withdraw from the race in the kingmaker congressional district that has decided the outcome of statewide elections in Virginia for the past two decades.  

Warner agreed to assist because it was in his political interest to block Beyer from trying to take his Senate seat, after losing the chance to replace Kaine in 2016. 

Now, up for re-election, Warner has refused to initiate an ethics investigation against Kaine regarding his involvement in a conspiracy to commit bribery to alter the outcome of an election. 

Hold Warner accountable like he claimed he did in his vote against Donald Trump in the impeachment trial.