Stop forward testing in schools

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As students will tell you, forward testing is the worst. You have to sit in a classroom for 2 hours a day being tested on information that you don't know. I have tests every day this week, sometimes on multiple subjects. For my school, we are having to do the tests before AND after spring break. For those who are bad at testing, like myself, standardized tests could almost ruin their report card, your chances of getting tono high school or even college. Our schools rely so much on standardized tests, like the MAP and Forward exam, that students are having little time to enjoy life. When YOU are 80 years old sitting on your porch swing in Maine with your 3 cats looking back on life, you don't want to sit and think about all the time wasted doing exams in your childhood you want to think about how much fun you had. Students as young and 3rd grade are taking state mandated tests filled with information they do not know. We need to stop testing our children and start letting us enjoy life. Sinceraly_ Luna Rain

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