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Fix the loading issues with Cafe World and make the game playable again.


Dear Sirs,

Please fix CafeWorld. We are your loyal players. Some are relatively new but many of us have played since the game was first released. We love the cooperative, non-competitive, nature of this game. We love helping one another and working together on catering. Many of us belong to one or more groups devoted to this game. We like getting together and talking about our kids and grandkids, our cats and dogs, what we are cooking in the real world, and this game. We make real friendships playing.
We even enjoy a challenge sometimes. But in the last year to six months you have rendered the game nearly unplayable.

The continuous unending problems with loading and staying in the game have driven many long time players to quit.

We have been told by Cafe World support to:
1. Empty our gift boxes
2. Get rid of all Decor items
3. Get rid of our neighbors
4. Remove the Doors of our Cafes so the customers don't come in any more
5. Fire our wait staff
6. reduce the number of counters we have
7. get rid of all but 1-2 tables and chairs
8. Remove all specialty stoves
9. Remove all statues/counters that do anything like Serving Susie/ Sou Chef
10. Don't cook anything for the goals

This is ridiculous. How are we suppose to get food for the goals and missions if we have no neighbors, no giftbox, and don't cook?
Yet very many of us have taken at least several of these steps just so we can stay in the game and continue to play with our friends. Many high level players now have cafes that look like barren waste grounds.
You want us to decorate our cafe's again. Many of us would love to do that. But we can not. The minute we add things to the cafes we start to encounter loading issues and can be locked out of our cafes for days, weeks, even months.

It makes things worse that you have increased the frequency and difficulty of the challenges to a level that gives us no time to even cook all the new recipies you give us all the time. People used to take pride in having mastered all their dishes. No one can do that any more. No one can even cook a dish of their choice because all their stoves are engaged on the current challenge. Please don't say it is our choice because the way the game is set up now if you fall behind in getting stoves you will not have the necessary cooking power to ever catch up.

Our nice friendly non competitive game has become a Darwinian race. Only the strong can get the stoves that they will need to have to get the next set of stoves. Many of us have spent real world money on this game. All of us have read your advertisers messages. We are your customers. This is not what we want. We want to play and leave the stress behind.

Please save our game! Please make it possible to play without having to constantly reload, if you can get in at all! Please make it fun again not some dreary second job where we worry all the time about falling behind!

This petition was delivered to:
  • COO, Zynga
    John Schappert
  • CCO, Zynga
    Mike Verdu
  • CTO, Zynga
    Cadir Lee
  • Chairman of the Board and CEO, Zynga
    Mark Pincus

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