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Bring Kimmy back to Supergirl

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The first season of Supergirl was great. The cast and storyline worked great.
The second season's move, however, brought many changes that do not make
logical sense:
1. Cat Grant took a sabbatical-- the show hinges on the Cat Grant character. She is the best actor on the show period. She was the main reason I easily watched the first season.Kara Danvers grew up on the show and went from a shy young millennial into a full-fledged adult.

The whole Kimmy started in the first few episodes and disappeared in the first episode of the second season. The ending of their romantic relationship didn't make any logical sense as far as character development. What would have made more sense would have been Kara stated that she had feelings for Jimmy, but she needed to figure things out by herself and become an independent adult. What would have followed would have been a season without Mon-El and a season of more of Supergirl and flashbacks from Krypton.

2. The Hank storyline is confusing. Alex is bisexual and seems to get more screen time than Kara in many episodes. The whole family thing between Hank and the two sisters looked like it was flushed down the toilet.

3. And once again the most important thing is Cat Grant is missing.

What I am asking of Ali Adler, Kevin Tsujihara, Leslie Moonves and Mark Pedowitz is to have the writers retrace their steps at some point this season and:
1. Make the Cat Grant the focal point of most episodes.
2. Bring Kimmy back. Instead of having Jimmy with another woman, or Kara with another man, just weave it back to season one.
3. As for the other characters, please make them a lot more complicated than they appear in the second season.
4. Why not have more episodes with Kara figuring things out by herself?

BRING KIMMY BACK in season 3 or season 4.
It's the only thing that makes sense.

It's personal because it feels like the Execs got pressure from outside to can the Kimmy thing. It feels like it was a racial thing. It also, more importantly, does not make any make any sense. That's not how humans work. You don't really like someone for a long time and then decide you don't like them. That's not how people interact.


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