Greenbay Packers,Hand on Heart During Anthem at Next Home Game

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Greenbay Packers,Hand on Heart During Anthem at Next Home Game

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gary lawrence started this petition to Mark Murphy

The Kneeling of Players During the ANTHEM is totally Disrespectful To The People who Have fought served and Died for this country though out our history! I'm Not only talking about Veterans either Police Fire Nurses Social workers Red Cross and so on!! So many People have Lost there Lives for trying too help our country on a daily basis to make USA the greatest country in the world! By Kneeling You are disrespecting ALL OF US and what this Great Nation Stands For!

 Mr Rogers asked the Fans too lock arms 85 percent did not!! Because our Nation Anthem We WILL LIVE FIGHT AND DIE FOR COUNTRY  And No Team or league, business unity will even compare to this!!So proud of our fans for standing with their hands over their hearts and conveying this to you the NFL and the whole nation !!

You all are Blind if you cant see your dividing our country!! look at Adams Hand on his heart Rogers looking over at him Iike your doing that against my wishes!! What about the people locking arms and the ones not locking arms creating more division(Bad move Mr Rogers)

guess your little team that is owned by the People Belive in Standing Hands and Hearts And American unity (Mr Murphy cant you see the conflict Your Players and League are causing)

So Why would you allow this?

The division you and your players are causing will take many years to mend

Most NFL Players Bathrooms are more expensive than our houses,Sure they have family night bike ride day donate here and there !!But we are the everyday people (Vets Police Nurses Lawyers Doctors Trashmen Construction workers that work Hard and strive and guess you could even call most  oppressed (compared to what you all make) To Make our communities a better place to live and  fight for these things Everyday single day of our lives!! THE BACKBONE OF AMERICA

If you all want to protest go on talk shows get out in the real communities that need help  the most  and quit putting on a show!!

Go to Chicago and play a free Real game free food for all the youths in the area there show them if you work hard Skys the limit Here In the USA Maybe let them run around the field let them feel whats like Teach them a little about history What our flag and Anthem Stands for!! Maybe Halftime show them Introduce them to the police fire have a little crash course on where drugs will take (as so many communities are torn up by this) Lot these kids are Taught to hate the police and fire from there parents witch are in the drug game or in abusive families or whatever there situation and does not matter what color drugs are killing the American dream for most all youngsters If You Want to stay united do it that way!

As for the ones That Did it Because of what OUR president said

I didn't agree with some of the things are past presidents have done

Bush getting in the war that looks like it will never end,Clinton what he did in the oval office,Obama Passing laws without congresses approval,President Trump needs to think a little more before he tweets 

But I respect them all and would die for them because the American people elected them and I'm behind them 100 percent

Just asking Please Respect Our Flag, Our Anthem, and our President when your in the publics eye theres a bigger picture than the NFL as the fans have shown!!what you all do behind closed doors is fine!

why don't your all throw in a thousand a week that goes  to a program or charity that's interacts the youth with police and firefighters Veterans and a few athletes cause were all not athletes and wouldn't that be a good way to protest(Whitch really haven't figured it out different every week)

But this is the way you all are acting like child promoting Racist behavior Fist in the air next be hitler signs,Peeing on the field that's just disgraceful,what gonna take a dump next Then on top of that Kneeling exercising during our most precious song if that's what you all have come its a disgrace to nation and should even be banned

So I Think  from top to bottom the whole organization should come out the next home game doesn't have to be oral Just put your hands over your hearts during the next home game during The Anthem and many will accept but others will not,and its Not going too go back to normal just like that but will help some!! Its your play now!!You gonna take another knee or throw a touchdown

Also anyone that kneels really just want controveristy and not be part of the solution really needs fined a game check for everytime he kneels or maybe President Trump is right and they need to be fired they got enough money to go anywhere unlike most of us!! and the craps gotta go too 

Packers you are not bigger than the NFL and hard way to find out But NFL Your not Bigger than the Almighty USA

With so many ways to protest Just cant believe you picked this route

First Game I ever watched was with dad the Ice bowl,and became  a die hard Packer Fan even named My Son Bart Starr Lawrence Glad to remember the best days of the NFL

Sorry for so long Just been eating me up That I will never watch another Packer Game as long as I'm Alive didn't watch game tonight first packers bears game I missed in along time!!

Thankyou Gary Lawrence








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This petition had 7 supporters

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