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Petition against Pumpkin Center school redistricting

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We are asking for your support to prevent the redistricting of the neighborhoods of Shiloh Run and Walnut Grove and the Buffalo Shoals corridor. As you know, these neighborhoods have always been a part of the Pumpkin Center Primary School, and according to a proposal by the Lincoln County School board, will be redistricted to Battleground Elementary school beginning Fall 2017. Whether or not you have children who will attend or who have/are attending Pumpkin Center Primary, you could be adversely affected by the redistricting. We are asking you to support our efforts to keep our community united by signing this petition.

We oppose the redistricting for the following reasons:

1.  Redistricting these neighborhoods would have a detrimental effect on the community by harming property values. Pumpkin Center Primary school and North Lincoln High School is used by realtors as an enticement to potential buyers and is an extremely important consideration for families when looking to purchase homes in these neighborhoods. The loss of the existence of Pumpkin Center elementary school would likely lead to less demand and lower home values in the affected neighborhoods. Economic studies conclude that in areas with relatively high incomes and house prices, altering school district boundaries negatively impacts home values.

2.  Pumpkin Center Elementary Primary is not overcrowded.  In fact, it has 75 fewer students than Battleground does.  In addition that that, the student to teacher ratio is almost equal and with redistricting these students it would actually put Battleground at a higher student vs. teacher ratio.

3.  The time our children spend on a bus will increase substantially. Battleground elementary school is DOUBLE the miles than it is to Pumpkin Center Primary.  It is 5 miles from Shiloh Run and Hickory Nut Lane to Pumpkin Center Primary, and 10.2 miles to Battleground Elementary.

4.  The operational cost for the school district will increase by having to provide the students busing to an additional 10 miles round trip a day more than to their current school of Pumpkin Center Primary.  On average, the fleet of school buses that Lincoln County has get 9miles per gallon of gas.  With the increase of distance, just to provide busing for our neighborhoods, it will cost the school district an extra $2250 a year, just in fuel costs.  This cost is ONLY taking into effect our two neighborhoods and only including the Pumpkin Center Primary school.  The difference in High School mileage is almost the same, with a  difference of 4.2 miles further to Lincolnton High School vs North Lincoln where our children currently attend.

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