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A Western Australian government ministerial exemption is set to change WA commercial Fisheries laws on culling sharks in West Australian Marine Parks shortly after the State Election.

It has the potential to unleash a fleet of ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY West Coast Demersal Scale Fish industry vessels to cull sharks in WA Marine Parks with the aim of reducing Shark populations and subsequently the incidence of incidental fish bite offs experienced during recreational and commercial fishing activity.

The exemption will NOT require public consultation or EPA approval under the Act and public comment is being refused from the Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley.

If you believe in science, if you believe in the role of apex predators, if you believe in Sir David Attenborough and want to see a PUBLIC CONSULTATION PROCESS put in place and Federal Government Funding to better understand this recent phenomenon then SHARE this message.

World Heritage Marine Parks are a Federal Government responsibility, (hence the recent four HUNDRED MILLION dollar grant to the Great Barrier Reef Research project). We ask our Prime Minister Scott Morrison to help Premiere Mark McGowan and Western Australian Marine Science Institution solve this problem using SCIENCE by sending some of WA's Mining revenue and GST back to the State it came from to help keep our vulnerable fisheries sustainable.

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