Do away with 14 days isolation when returning to WA

Do away with 14 days isolation when returning to WA

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Mark McGowan

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Started by Neil Kagan

Stop the need to isolate for 14 days when returning to WA.

This is destroying the most basic principles of democracy and freedom we enjoy in western society.

If someone has been fully vaccinated, then why should they lose their income or freedom of movement for half a month just because they want to visit family who lives in another state of Australia or carry out business activity in another state. 

These basic human rights are being stolen from us and this is not the society we chose to live in.

Of course all the other requirements of wearing a facemask, washing hands and keeping a distance makes sense and do not interfere with our freedoms or cause us a loss.

All situations in life have risks which need to be balanced for the benefit of the community. Why not make the speed limit on national roads 40km/h? It has been scientifically proven that more deaths occur the greater the speed.

The answer is because a community would not be able to function adequately with this slow speed.

So put restrictions in place that benefit the community but remove those that destroy democratic freedoms.






85 have signed. Let’s get to 100!