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Real Consequences For DUI/DWI

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80 years, 7 kids, 16 grandkids, 7 great-grandkids...In an instant life stopped for us all. It wasn't until my family was on the receiving end of news about a drunk driver taking Joseph C. Wolford from us did I feel the devastation that so many before us have. As I started seeing the news articles and tv reports show up on my screen about what he went through, I was heart broken by the instant articles that followed of the families that have already lived this nightmare. Having just turned 80 he was still healthier then most 60 year olds. Being optimistic about a cancer that was just found in time that he could make a full recovery from. An air force veteran. A man that would treat you like family from the moment he met you. A man who had gone his whole life without a drink or smoke. A son, brother, husband, father, pop-pop, my best friend. The heart ache and total devastation that has now crumbled our lives is unbearable. As I started my research to find comfort in knowing this man would pay for taking his life I was DISGUSTED with how the law actually handles these cases and general dui cases that don't cause harm. Chance after chance after chance these people are put back on the street to commit the same crimes and continue to see themselves not only above the law but their lives are more important than others. The consequences handed out by the courts tells me they apparently agree. There is no excuse for drinking and driving. These people get chance after chance year after year but the victims they acquire along the way aren't as lucky. Where are the laws, punishments and courts fighting for the victims who no longer can speak out. An amazing man who deserved to be surrounded with loved ones in the moment of death. The most loving, sweet, honest, compassionate, thoughtful, caring man you would be lucky to call friend. The people who do no wrong but pay the ultimate price, pointless deaths. Lives are cut short. Families destroyed. The punishment should be according to the crime. Real consequences Regardless how someone was killed the statement remains the same...You killed someone.

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