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Autistic Advocates Call On National Autistic Society To Fight Against Autistic Fake Cures

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The National Autistic Society says it represents the autistic community, autistic adults and parents of autistic children.

Despite continued proof in the media of there being a significant problem in the UK of sellers on the internet peddling dangerous fake autism cures and again more proof of parents in the UK using MMS (chlorine dioxide bleach) and GcMAF (an unregulated blood product) one of which can cause nausea, rashes and bowel disturbance, the other kidney failure, seizures and bowel lining loss plus the afore mentioned the NAS still says legislation is not needed.

Despite proof of Accupuncturist's, saying they can cure autism and many other unregulated scientifically unproven 'treatments' such as Holding Therapy, HBOT, restrictive diets, feceal implantation, stem cell treatment, TMS Magnet therapy and psychological damaging compliance therapys leading autism charities still will not speak out! 

I am Emma Dalmayne, an autistic woman with autistic children campaigning to get fake cures in the UK made illegal. I have worked extensively with the media and the police to help stop parents abusing their children with harmful treatments. 

I have a petition with calling for legislation against fake cures that has amassed 52,400 signatures.

In Ireland my Colleuge Fiona Oleary mother also of autistic children and autistic herself is working with the police and the courts to make this happen.

My question is despite continued proof, most recently the exposè by the BBC of a so called therapist shouting abuse and threatening an undercover journalist posing as an autistic patient in a bid to 'cure' his autism why will the NAS still not back legislation? BBC Undercover expose London Man shouting at undercover 'autistic' patient. 

In Hungary within days when this piece was aired the Autism Charities there have risen lup and expressed their disgust wishing to press charges against the person and organisation featured, yet here in the UK where the abuse happened there is an ominous and indeed baffling silence from the NAS.

We the Autistic community ask that the NAS back our fight for legislation to be passed against autism fake cures being sold and used in the UK! 

This is my children's future I am fighting for as well as yours, please sign and share and contact your MPs and media, why is the NAS funded to support autistics if it will not do exactly that? 








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