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The issue:
We received notification about an application made by GSP Group Inc to the City of
Hamilton for an Official Plan Amendment (File No. UHOPA-18-15) and a Zoning By-
Law Amendment (File No. ZAC -18 -037) for Lands located at 282 MacNab Street
North, Hamilton to:
- permit a 13 storey building with 110 multiple dwelling units with a residential
density of 847 units per gross hectare
- Rezone the subject lands from “J” District to a site specific “ES -XXXX”
(Multiple Dwellings, Lodges, Clubs, etc) District Modified to permit construction of a 13 storey, 110-unit multiple dwellings with 51 parking spaces.

The concerns:
The congregation of The Romanian Orthodox Church of the Holy Resurrection are presenting the City of Hamilton Planning and Economic Department with the following concerns:
- The proposed Official Plan Amendment fails to follow the land use designation
general policies for stable areas as listed by the West Harbour (Setting Sail)
Secondary Plan recently adopted by the Hamilton City Council.
- The proposed building height (13 storey) and residential density of 847 units per
gross hectare is a gross deviation from the West Harbour (Setting Sail) Secondary Plan core planning principles as emerged from extensive public consultation
undertaken by the City during the conception of this plan.
- The proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment is not clear with regards to the subject
lands zoning designation under the “site specific” definition opening the possibility of land use designations incompatible with our religious activity.
- The proposed development is adjacent to our Church and we are deeply concerned that our building will sustain structural damages caused by vibration during the excavations for the underground parking levels.
- The proposed development fails to provide the appropriate number of parking spaces in accordance with the current zoning By-Law. This will negatively impact our congregation by reducing the number of available on-street parking spaces in the area and prevent our members to attend religious services and events (i.e. baptism, weddings or funeral ceremonies) as our existing parking lot is very small (only 8 parking spaces) and there are no other off-street parking facilities available nearby. It affects parking for anyone visiting our neighborhood.

If approved, this project creates an unhealthy precedent whereby carefully designed regulations can be changed on a whim based purely on economic principles and gain.

We, the Parish Council of The Romanian Orthodox Church of The Holy Resurrection, are asking the City of Hamilton Planning and Economic Development Department to deny the request for Official Plan Amendment (File No. UHOPA -18-15) and Zoning By-Law Amendment (File No. ZAC -18-037) and notify us with any decision on this regard.

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