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Say no to the proposed Rogers cell phone tower at Hawkwood Village

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As you may or may not know, Rogers is proposing building a 25m (82 feet) tripole cell phone tower at the Hawkwood Village Shopping Centre. The proposed area is extremely close to the Hawkwood Elementary School, a retirement village, a daycare, care for special needs children, a toddler activity centre, a medical office, not to mention hundreds of residential homes.

Everyone understands the need for communication towers. However, most radiation emitting towers are in locations that are outside of residential areas, not right in the middle of one and next to so many vulnerable groups. Using a site this close to locations where children and seniors are constantly exposed to radiation is concerning. Various studies are starting to report problems from exposure to radio frequency radiation and it is being recommended that schools, parks, homes, hospitals and elderly homes be kept at least 400m (1300 feet) from any cell tower to keep people out of the “hot zone”. 

As well, this location is not in accordance with City of Calgary Guidelines. As outlined in the City of Calgary Telecommunications Antenna Structures Siting Protocols. Section 7.6 – Residential Development Setback Guidelines:

“The City of Calgary recommends the placement of telecommunication antenna structures (towers) should not be in very close proximity to residential developments of any built form or density.” The City goes on to recommend that towers of 15 – 30 meters in height be built AT LEAST 75 meters away from dwellings. 

There are many residences that are well within 75 meters of the proposed tower. 

In addition to these concerns, our entire community will be adversely affected. Various studies have proven that cell phone towers do negatively affect property values. For example, a study in Appraisal Journal concluded that home values decreased anywhere from 2 – 20%. Decreased property values of homes near the cell tower could lead to a negative ripple effect on property values throughout the community, even as the distance from the cell phone tower increases. As you know, one of the main selling features of Hawkwood is the elementary school. There are many people who will not want to send their children to a school in such close proximity to a cell phone tower, never mind live in a home close to one as well.

We need to express opposition to this proposed location. There are plenty of alternate locations that would be viable and that are not in the middle of a residential neighbourhood, so close to children’s and seniors’ care. With proper research and consultation, a better location can definitely be found.

We need to stand up for our community and ask Rogers to choose a different site.  We need to take action NOW as they are trying to go ahead with this plan immediately.

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