Judge Bruce D. White MUST be investigated for improper conduct by Virginia Judicial System

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In the case of Best vs Montez, Shaneka Best, who is an active duty service member received orders from the Air Force to report to North Carolina. Shaneka shares custody of her four year old daughter with her ex-husband, who opposed the move. The judge denied the move for the child stating that he felt the child was stable in Virginia since she's in activities and has friends. He said in his ruling that he felt the mother made a "modest" attempt to try to stay in the area, all the while knowing she is on a code 50 tour (mandatory mover). Due to the court not allowing Shaneka to take her child to North Carolina, thus separating her from her mother and older sister, a few senior enlisted leaders got involved and was able to cancel the assignment due to hardship this could cause. Shaneka was also able to get a job in the local area. Since her assignment was now canceled and she could stay in the area, Shaneka' s attorney filed a motion to reconsider with the court (Judge White).

 I, Nicole Leath, went to court with Shaneka on 20 Jul 2018, and Judge White stated in court to Shaneka' s attorney, "she's only back because she didn't get what she wanted the first time". Thus, denying the motion to reconsider. He didn't care that she is now able to stay in the area. Remember in his mind, she could have stayed all along, not caring how the military operates. Judge White stated "an appeal will be ineffective so don't waste your time". He's now punishing the mom and not thinking about the best interest of the child. Judge White was extremely rude and impatient in court. He failed to maintain proper courtroom decorum and came across extremely bias.  This judge has a reputation of being bias, abusing his power, and violating the Judicial Canons that he has sworn to uphold. He needs to be STOPPED!! This can happen to you or one of your family members!! Fairfax, VA has a huge military presence and we want to ensure this doesn't become a trend. Is this how our soldiers are being treated??!! Especially if the soldier is a woman, which Judge White has a history of disliking. Now, two sisters and a mother and her children are torn apart due to this judge's reckless and wicked behavior. 

Please sign the online petition so another family won't have to go through this!!! Our job as service members are stressful enough, we don't need the risk of losing our children too!!