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Students in Cy-Fair ISD have to put up with the actions that our district bounds us to according to District policy, but many students, such as myself, find that some of these attempts at reducing gun violence and school shootings are unethical and a violation of privacy. We did not like when we were forced to wear our School ID. We did not like that we were punished if we refused to do so. After decades of doing something a certain way, we feel that it's a violation of our rights. Because we go to a public school, we should have the liberty to express ourselves through our clothing, hairstyles, bags, and any sort of physical accessory. Another problem students can see with this clear backpack instatement is that there is a negative impact on our students and their ability to protect their privacy. The fact that female students who bring tampons or pads to school may feel ashamed or fear being subject to bullying is one of the many ways these backpacks can be invasive. It is for these reasons that I respectfully suggest that we improve our security for our students by implementing metal detectors on all our entrances. Metal detectors are used in everyday facilities around the world, and they are less invasive than clear backpacks. All in all, I hope my peers and others reading will join me in supporting this cause and help resist the violation of privacy for students in Cy-Fair ISD, Thank You.

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