Please Ensure that Alyster Gynn's Human Rights are Maintained. Article - Right To Life. Article - No Torture. Article - No Discrimination. He lives in Cornwall,England.

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  • To address failings of Mental Health Care and support for Asperger Syndrome (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)  in the County of Cornwall. England.
  • I live in Cornwall, was born and raised in this County and all three aspects of the mentioned articles have been breached and ignored in relation to my life. I suffer from Mental Health issues (namely Depression) I have attempted to take my own life on numerous occasions but have not received adequate help, support or compassion. I have, in the last six years completed Gender Re-Assignment from Female to Male, an arduous and traumatic journey because of constant Harassment and Assault.
  • The Community Mental Health Teams including top Consultants have ignored my pleas over the last six years. I now believe that I suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome too - because of numerous 136 sections and policing policy and yet I am still not regarded as a 'Vulnerable Adult' - Furthermore I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome in 2006 at the age of 45years old at Cambridge Autism Research Centre. I worked hard within the media for the National Autistic Society Campaign related to Adults with Autism. This included making speeches at the House of Commons and No 11 Downing Street. I have received no help or support for this condition within the Counties of Devon and Cornwall. 
  • I did have a rare window of good practice for a very brief time. I had to fight for that support and it was then, consequently taken away.
  • I have records obtained from the Freedom of Information which show clearly: neglect, Clinical Negligence, Torture and Restraint from Policing, inaccurate record keeping, Slander and Defamation of Character, diagnosis error.
  • I therefore petition and campaign for, most essentially the Right to Life with the irony being that I attempt suicide when depressed and that I am exhausted with managing the range of Disabilities, Conditions and illnesses I have - without being given adequate support and health. I am discriminated against in terms of Disability, paradoxically, by those who are in place to protect me.


  • Article 2 Right to Life,
  • Article 3 No Torture
  • Article 14 No discrimination. 

 I maintain that the treatment for 'Severe Gender Dysphoria' was of a good standard, pre- and post operatively. This petition has been written while I have a voice to maintain that poor standards of care are a constant in the County of Cornwall, England. That 'Duty Of Care' is not being exercised and that my Human Rights have not been addressed nor maintained. I pointedly state, that at this given time of writing this petition - I manage my depression and although am depressed and exhausted- do not wish to take my own life and too have minimised greatly self-harm and continually, over many years worked, consistently and of my own volition reducing the crisis states  of alcohol binge, relapse and overdose of prescribed medication. My gratitude to the organisation 'Addaction'
I petition that the torture of policing restraint when in 'Crisis' ceases. And that I have a right to life as any other.

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