Petition for an Internal Investigation and Resignation from Peter J. Lucido

Petition for an Internal Investigation and Resignation from Peter J. Lucido

March 28, 2021
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Started by Emily Mellits

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Demand Pete Lucido Resign as Macomb County Prosecutor!

We call on Macomb County Prosecutor Pete Lucido to resign immediately amid growing ties to sexual predators and their defenders.

Prosecutor Lucido himself faces multiple accusations of sexual harassment when he served in the state Senate. An investigation concluded that Lucido engaged in “inappropriate workplace behavior” that “demonstrates an unfortunate pattern of behavior.”

That pattern of behavior continues to this day, and includes:

▪  Lucido’s ties to a convicted pedophile who sexually assaulted young boys between 1996 and 2003, when he was convicted and sentenced to prison. The pedophile is at the heart of an inquiry Lucido recently launched.

▪  Accusations of sexual harassment and groping from four women while Lucido was a state Senator representing our community.

  •  A female reporter accused Lucido of making lewd and suggestive remarks to her in front of visiting male students.
  • A newly elected female senator filed charges against Lucido, saying he groped her and degraded her during an orientation for new legislators.
  • A third woman in Lansing accused Lucido of improperly touching her during a meeting.
  • A fourth woman revealed that Lucido inappropriately touched her in 2019 before  his Senate committee approved her appointment to be director of the Michigan Office of Children’s Ombudsman.

▪  During his 2020 campaign for county prosecutor, one of Lucido’s larger fundraisers was held by a notorious criminal defense attorney who specializes in protecting people accused of sexual violence, even against children. Nicole Blank Becker raised $17,200 for Lucido, according to campaign finance records and gave $4,250 herself. On her website, Becker brags that she is highly skilled at defending accused sexual predators because she “has been forensically trained” to “interview and/or question children, specially if they are the ones involved at sex crimes charges.” Becker also defended notorious singer R. Kelly, who faces multiple state and federal charges of sexual assault, including acts against minors, and has been accused of predatory behavior for decades.

▪  Another Lucido campaign contributor was Kaylin Drewery, who was convicted of third-degree criminal sexual conduct and released from Wayne County Jail early because of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. Drewery has made only one political donation in his life: to Lucido.

Anyone with so many sexual predators and those that defend them on his side shouldn’t be trusted to come within 100 yards of our families, let alone to serve as Macomb County prosecutor. Peter Lucido is a dark cloud of corruption and shame that’s a threat to Macomb County’s women, children and families. For this reason, we demand Peter Lucido resign immediately and allow trust to return to the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office.

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Signatures: 1,447Next Goal: 1,500
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