Cap insulin copay in Wyoming

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Help Wyoming have a co-pay cap on insulin. By signing this petition we are asking Wyoming legislators to raise legislation that requires a $25 co-pay on insulin regardless of how much insulin a patient uses a month and for insurance companies to pay anything more than the $25 co-pay.

Its time Wyoming to join the other states, such as Utah and Colorado, in passing a price co-pay on the life saving medication. 

Over 30 million people live with diabetes in the United States. Living with diabetes requires the person to buy several supplies each month and the monthly cost is outrageous. Along with the supplies diabetics are paying an outrageous amount for insulin, the life saving medication needed to live. On an average a diabetic is paying over $300 a vial needing 2-4 vials a month. 

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes right after his 2nd birthday and we spend thousands of dollars for his life saving medication. We not only have to purchase insulin we have to purchase syringes, test strips, lancets, and Dexcom supplies. It’s time for a change! 

Here is Colorado cap co-pay for insulin

Here is Utah cap co-pay for insulin