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Mark Goldberg and Don Berland, Park Place LLC: We Don't Want a Concrete Monolith at the Entrance to Olde Town Arvada


I oppose Goldberg Properties, Inc., non-conforming, 51-units per acre rental apartment building in the heart of historic Olde Town Arvada. I am distressed by the 30 waivers from the City’s Design Guidelines. I oppose the solid wall this structure presents at the entrance to Historic Olde Town Arvada and the City’s giveaway of over $2 million of our tax dollars.  I am disturbed that this deal was created in transactions that were hidden from public scrutiny. In addition, I oppose demolition of the historic Masonic Lodge without the formal public hearing that is required by the Design Guidelines.  Goldberg Properties, Inc. should alter the design of this building to strictly conform to the Design Guidelines, without waivers, to preserve the historic integrity of the neighborhood. I will make my voice heard by calling Mark Goldberg, Goldberg Properties, Inc. at 303-759-8000.



Letter to
Goldberg Properties, Inc. Mark Goldberg
Berland Development Group Don Berland
Redesign PPOT to conform with Arvada's Design Guidelines

Dear Mr. Goldberg:
Quietly, with limited public comment, Arvada has made seemingly small changes to zoning and other ordinances that enable the wholesale reconstruction of the Historic District. Despite a public outcry against these changes, Council has ignored citizens.
As the developers of Park Place Olde Town LLC, you and Don Berland should not ignore public input. You must redesign Park Place Olde Town to conform with the City's Design Guidelines, rather than requiring waivers from 30 of them. Revise the plan and incorporate the 3 story height that you originally submitted to the City of Arvada. Insure that this development fits with the surrounding neighborhood, supporting the historic integrity of Olde Town Arvada.

Thank you!

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